Major Elements In Kratom pills

Considering its addictive properties and the recent repercussions on the masses, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued an advisory warning people about the hazards of kratom. Denying any evidence of therapeutic use and benefit of kratom, the FDA took the decisive step to curb the menace from becoming another drug epidemic. Many people abuse kratom to experience opioid-like psychoactive effects. It is also a major roadblock to the fight against opioid epidemic, which claims thousands of lives every year.kratom capsules

Detoxing from kratom

Experts do not advise people suffering from kratom addiction to quit it cold turkey, as the associated withdrawal symptoms could be as severe as the pangs of opioid withdrawal. Some of the symptoms include irritability, abdominal pain, extreme depression, high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, kratom addiction is best treated in supervised settings, such as rehab, treatment centers, etc. A supervised treatment diminishes the possibility of a relapse and overdosing.

As in the case of opioids, people undergoing rehabilitation and treatment for kratom addiction need to go through a number of phases, including evaluation, detoxification, replenishment, etc. Even before a person enters the rehab – inpatient or outpatient – it is necessary to determine the level of damage due to the substance abuse. During detoxification, the harmful toxins stored in the body due to long-term substance abuse are expunged. In addition, in the phase of replenishment, patients are provided medications and a suitably altered diet to overcome the nutritional deficiencies.

As such, the treatment for kratom use disorder varies from person to person and depends not only on the extent of addiction but also on the kind of coping mechanism a person could develop. As people indulge in drugs like kratom to cope with anxiety and depression, the medical supervisors should try to share the consequences of such drugs during therapy and rehab. Owing to their addictive nature and severe withdrawal symptoms, addiction to kratom requires professional treatment at the certified rehab centers.